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Trainer Intervention: A Case Study


Baliga B R; Garg Pulin K

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This paper presents a series of Trainer Interventions and their efficacy in building up a Group Climate at a time when the Reactive Processes in the Group had reached a dangerous point which was affecting the working of the Group. The observations of these interventions were made by a Group of observers who were in the Second Phase of their Training Program for T-Group trainers. These observations were then subjected to a critical analysis under the Guidance of the Phase-Two coordinator and were, then, cross-checked with the observed Group and its trainers. The case study is very revealing in regard to the manner in which empathy processes can be generated in the group and also indicated the efficacy of ‘Modelling’ as a trainer-intervention. The paper also shows the value of ‘Process-level’ observation for understanding the underlying group processes.