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Labour in a Textile City: A Study of Workers Needs and Welfare in Ahmedabad


Verma Pramod

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The basic hypothesis of this study is that welfare expenditure undertaken by various independent agencies does not meet the felt needs of the workers. A socio-economic survey was conducted to identify these needs. The survey covered 356 ‘chawls’ and 43 housing colonies in 7 areas where industrial workers live. The data suggest, inter-alia, that the immediate needs of the working class are: sanitary facilities, primary school, cooperative housing society, vocational school for children and vocational school for adults. Survey results generally validate the hypothesis of this study. Consequently, two action-oriented suggestions have been made: 1) the managements should, either singly, or in collaboration with trade unions, Municipal corporation and welfare agencies, provide a lead in formulation and execution of welfare projects; and 2) an apex body should be created to coordinate the activities of relevant welfare and funding agencies.